Dive Center for Sale in Alor, Indonesia

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Asking Price: 75,000 USD

Cash Flow: Available on request

Sales Revenue: 32,000 USD


Fully equipped dive center, with 2 Bauer compressors, Nitrox compressor, 24 tanks, 40 wetsuits (3-5mm), 7 sets Scubapro equipment, 7m fiberglass dive boat with 2x 40hp Yamaha engines.  10 x 6m two story building amazing view, with equipment room and customer dining/ chill out area downstairs on 17x15m beach front land with 16 years remaining on the lease. 2nd level has a two bedroom house with western kitchen and french doors opening onto the balcony from every room. Includes the company PT (Indonesian owned company) with all operating licenses, and taxes fully paid.  

Reason for Selling:

Expansion Opportunities:
The business started operating in mid 2018 despite the building still being under construction. There were so many divers in Alor looking for diving and almost every day with a paintbrush in our hands we were asked by customers to take them out. We formally opened in March 2019 and it was a huge year, the demand for diving in Alor took us by surprise, a very welcome surprise! We quickly reinvested everything we earnt to buy more compressors, tanks and a nitrox system only to be greeted with the COVID pandemic. If 2018 and 2019 are anything to go by, the interest in diving in Alor is excellent, but with the pandemic that demand has tapered off. Diving in Alor is still unspoilt, with more than 70 dive sites located less than 25mins from the dive centre, the demand certainly will pick up again. For us however we are older and that magical age of retirement is fast approaching, meaning we won’t be in a position to continue working in Indonesia by the time things recover so we are selling. Our location is probably one of the best in Alor for a dive centre, located on the main road with 17m of water frontage. We are opposite Kepa Island and the narrow channel between us and Kepa is where dolphins play every day. We started this business as a lifestyle business, where we could earn some money doing great diving with hammers, threshers, dolphins and everything else here in Alor, while waking up every morning looking out over the water. Our house is comfortable and fully furnished, the kitchen has everything you need to bake bread or cook a roast. We had intended to add another dive boat, had it not been for corona, and it would be possible to run at least 3 dive boats from this site as there is ample space to accommodate extra guests both indoors and outdoors in the garden. - With planning permission the house upstairs has been designed such that it can be easily converted into 3 guest rooms all with water views. - Option to add a cafe/ restaurant to increase earnings. We constantly have walk in's seeking lunch, coffee etc by the water and to watch the dolphins. The nearest restaurant is more than 15km away, making an onsite café a guaranteed earner. - For those technically minded it would be possible to offering equipment servicing as this is not offered on the island and the site has the space to build an additional room to accommodate this.

Offered Support for the new owner:
We offer a 1 month hand over period to help with getting started here in Alor. We are happy to introduce you to the village and share all of our contacts for sourcing supplies/ dive equipment/ mechanic/ handy man/ freight contacts/ drivers/ hotels etc. Basically all the knowledge we learned over 4 years in Alor about how to get things done (and not done!) in this remote location.


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