Liveaboard boat in Komodo

Indonesia > Nusa Tenggara Timur > Komodo National Park

Asking Price: Available on request

Cash Flow: Available on request

Sales Revenue: Available on request


You want to live the dream - change your life!
Easy and profitable investment in paradise and in the most wanted diving place in the world 😉

Komodo National Park is UNESCO and a Priority destination by President Jokowi.

The minimum number of shares that can be bought is 100 shares!
Each share costs 160 $ so for example 100 shares will be 16.000 USD. 

* * * * * * * * Please read carefully  * * * * * *

You will be buying a profitable and well-established running business!
You are not buying a project or a fancy instructor's dream to open a dive shop somewhere!

We have more than 10 years of experience here! 
We are considered one of the biggest dive centers and the most professional ones! 

You will have your money back following a pleasant ROI.

We are looking for an ACTIVE person who will be involved in the day-to-day business, will care and protect his investment!    
if you want to be a sleeping investor, please consider acquiring at least 10 %.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Our big strength is that we are a 100% foreign company owning all the facilities and boats.

The company owns:
. 2 big dive boat 
. 1 dive resort including bar, rooftop, restaurant, pool, and 20 rooms
. 100+ tanks 
. 60+ set (BCD and regulators) 
. One pickup truck (on the mainland)
. All office furniture and supplies 
. All retail stock

The land and building (only the ground floor) are rented with a long-term contract. 
The land measures 1300 square meters (55 * 25 m wide (located on the Golden location at 50 m from the Marina. 

The rental contract is over 60 years renewable 3 times so perfect for your family and the next generation.

* * * *
To avoid any problems and to be clear with partners: 
An audit with all partners will be done every year to ensure the accuracy of the dive income done during the year. 

I am still the managing partner with the remaining % of the shares. 

The yearly net profit will be divided at the end of the year between the partners after payment of all charges (company taxes, salaries, land rental, docking, and working capital  ...). 

* * *
The ROI (Return On Investment) for each partner or investor is expected (not guaranteed at 100% depending on the country's situation) to be less than 5 years (which is much better than buying a condo somewhere or having life insurance). 

Most probably in less time than this if working conditions and tourism come back to normal (like in 2019). 

A work permit will be delivered ONLY for partners who are ACTIVELY working in the company (as a dive instructor, manager,... or other job depending on their skills and background). 

* * *
Free training up to Divemaster certification (and all dive certifications).

Accommodation for partners is NOT provided! 

This offer is UNIQUE and is a really good opportunity!

The partnership agreement will be signed in a lawyer's office to ensure the process!

For more information, please contact William & Kevin at

We are not leaving, we remain the active management team so we will work together to be more successful.


Reason for Selling:

Expansion Opportunities:
Develop a liveaboard fleet in Indonesia

Offered Support for the new owner:
Advice from well established partners

Contact the Seller:

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