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I'm a serious investor and ex-instructor with a background in property development.
Have worked in australia asia, africa carrebean and latin america and europe

I'm aware that amongst many challenges in remote regions are the following:

Building in a remote area
travel challenge to the area for your clients
low season 4-6 mo per year
getting the staff of quality 
corruption and local politics
high-risk upfront
management team
how much money you're looking for and for what?
how long will it take you to break even 

However, I'm interested in the environmental opportunity here also. I'm interested in a partnership in for example a well run organization with accommodation wishing to expand or add a liveaboard in a growing area.
Im only interested in areas with great diving and growing tourism 

I personally have access to sufficient cash for significant staged investment and can access other cash providing there is a good quality well-developed triple bottom line business plan, please send me what you have developed and your personal history.

I would rather you told me straight up if you have done sufficient research and development of a business plan if you have solid investment and business experience in other business and or in tourism or not.

I'm interested in a 8-10% return on investment per year from 40K up to 500K us$ maybe more if development is viable. I'm also interested in 5-star facilities that can train instructors and may need a US & International based marketing team

 I would like to see your few years projections, and /or your history, team, what you asses as risk factors for success, what you are investing in cash terms into the business? Why may a liveaboard option not make more sense? what the competition is etc. who are your clients and why 
what your income expenditure projections are, what resources you have invested so far in this project etc etc

I look forward to getting to know you.

Adam black ( US-based Brit and Australian ex-diving instructor entrepreneur and investor)

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