One of the top ten PADI Dive Centres in the Canary Islands with many awards

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I have had a load of fun building this dive centre over the last 16 years, but I have now reached retirement age and need to start enjoying life in a more relaxed way.   The dive centre is highly respected with a strong returning customer base, experienced Instructors, and facilities that are the envy of most of the other owners on this Island. We are next to one of the best diving areas in the Canaries, with  over 12 dive routes within 5-10  minutes drive. You can show customers angel sharks in winter, rays all year, and rareties from the Canaries and the African coast. 
On the training side we are ranked just in the top ten PADI centres for the Canaries, but have higher than average e-learning, continuous education and feedback scores.  This gained us a major prize, and the marketing of this prize has already resulted in increased demand for courses.
The key to our succcess has been a clear marketing plan with a highly segmented marketing approach.  This has led to us having leading positions in Search engines in many sectors and markets  This web dominance  also drives the high-end business to us, so unlike many centres who want to compete for the customers who have no money, we cream off the more attractive customers.
In addition to the customer focussed 'front-end' to the website over the last few years we have put a lot of emphasis into the back-end to manage the pipeline, with simple marketing automation to handle follow-ups, confirmations, checklists, quality checks and more.  The use of this system helps us achieve a high sales to enquiry ratio, making sure we get an unfair share of the customers who enquire by web.
This is a twelve month business, and we can dive locally about 98% of the year.     
This is therefore a serious operation underpinned by sound business practices.   I am loooking for somebody with good business skills and experience, and probaly good language skills to take it to the next stage of development.   There are so many small sectors where a bit of focus (or refocus) will add new markets or expand existing ones.  It will suit a couple who have multiple languages between them.                                                

Reason for Selling:
It is time for me to retire!

Expansion Opportunities:
Here are a few of the opportunities: Market 'A' - Our website pages need updating, mproving in this language. More focus will bring more business because of a simple advantage we have in this market. Market 'B' - In this language we have a small presence but it is important for winter.. more translatioons, improved pages etc. Market 'X' - For many years this has bubbled but not been strong, yet suddenly this year (after a campaign supported by the Government) our area is suddenly attractive to this market and they are paying our prices. Market 'C' - This is a geographical sector which has been growing for us over the last 5-6 years. A refresh of the web pages here could attract many more customers in a different age group. Demographic 'D' Cutting acros most of the above is the opportunities in a certain demographic. recent changes scored well with this group. Marketing strategy 'E' - After a couple of false starts with this promotional strategy I believe we are getting good value for money, and can replicate the sucess into current and new sectors. Market 'E' - this has actually declined over the years due to changes in our focus, and more intense competition. The trick here is to cream off the higher value buyers who are looking for more than just cheap prices.

Offered Support for the new owner:
Taking over the business at an operational level is pretty much a turnkey event as the team are long serving, experienced, competent and know all the procedures. However I recognise that to continue the growth and spot the new opportunities the new owner will need a lot of help with understanding the different sectors, and so expect to provide a detailed hand-over. Also as there is a significant technical infrrastructure to learn about for the web systems, I will be able to offer some ongoing support for the systems on a retainer basis.

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