• Dive Center For Sale - EVERYTHING WAS SOLD
  • Dive Center For Sale - EVERYTHING WAS SOLD

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Asking Price: 20,000 USD

Cash Flow: Available on request

Sales Revenue: Available on request


Everything was sold as a package deal earlier this year. Thank you Jim

$20,000 can change the course of your life or take your current scuba business to that next level of professionalism.  This complete dive shop/training package has many opportunities simply because it is already organized, packed up and portable. The package deal leaves you able to choose between several options: 

Be your own boss opening a Dive Shop in your own home town.

Locate near a dive quarry. 

Start your dive shop on your own property to keep overhead low.

Maybe over the years you have taken notice that your current shop really needs an update or overhaul, or both! 

If you only want several specific things, there is money to be made selling the items yourself

Three important issues to think about: 

Individual expenses have robbed many business owners of their initial joy

All that needed inventory can overwhelm and derail even the most determined

Every business owner has felt the pain and pressure of stalled progress when something major breaks down or comes up missing

Buying the whole scuba diving package eliminates those big ticket items and issues with one simple purchase! 

Don’t be that guy who kicks himself when he thinks back to that year he could have possibly changed the course of his life or his business with that steal of a deal that he talked himself out of.

We have closed and sold our commercial property after 16 years because we are ready for that next adventure. We too are anxiously looking for that next steal of a deal that will change the course in our lives. We hope this opportunity does that for you and we are willing to deliver this deal for you at an additional cost.

Here is a list of our inventory. There are additional items that are included in the total purchase but are not listed here.

2014 extra tall, v nosed, Stealth enclosed trailer with a ramp door. This trailer has been designed and set up to haul 30 scuba tanks.

 1 large portable wetsuit roller rack 

 1 large portable BCD and regulator roller rack. It has made all the difference for our open water test out dives, great for traveling to colleges, and perfect when you want to take a group of friends out for some fun dives.

We built in a small changing room in the front of the trailer which provides privacy in an open environment.

1 folding white resin picnic table

Safety items include: 1 backboard, l XL first aid kit, 1 CPR Annie, and 2 o2 emergency oxygen units. 1 Lg tote of misc first aid supplies. Great for field training. 

42 wetsuits: various mm full and shorties

22 BCD hangers and misc. wetsuit hangers

33 scuba tanks: 25 alum 80’s and 8 alum 50’s 

1 twin tank tumbler 

1 older visual Eddie tester

1 tank inspection fiber light

Parts kits, o-rings, mouth pieces, hp seats, hp spools, and misc. for regulators

2 explosion canisters

18 BCD’s

17 regulators 

2 Lg, 5 drawer plastic organizers full of parts, kits, hoses, etc to fix just about anything scuba related.

Sm tote with 5 dive lights and misc

12 wrist mount computers

25+ weight belts

300lbs+  lead and bag weights

1 Med tote with masks and snorkels

1 Lg tote w duffle bags and gear bags

2 Lg totes of closed heal fins

1 Lg tote of open heal fins

1 Lg duffle bag of dive boots

1 lg duffle bag of hoods and gloves

Your choice of either the Bauer K14 9.2cfm 7 ½  hp single phase compressor or the

Mako K14 9.2cfm 10hp single phase compressor

8 bottle cascade w/stainless steel plumbing

150 ft high pressure stainless steel line and misc fittings

5 gal bucket of fittings, gauges, fill adaptors, etc.

2 containers of fill station hoses, hp lines, and misc service tools

1 test panel 

1 Lg tote of various DVD’s and books for instructional training and recreational viewing  SDI and PADI

1 Lg tote of training materials and open water crew packs,

1 classroom easel and discover scuba flip chart.



1 Universal dive fin strap

3 whistles

3 mask magnifier kits

2 air hose holders

2 spear pole slings

1 tank carrier

2 tank totes

1 hose mount compass

1 stretch coil lanyard

2 wrap around octo holders

1 BC wetsuit hanger

1 deluxe diver tool kit

Innovative Scuba:

1 pr. large spring fin straps

2 pr. med spring fin straps

3 pr. small spring fin straps

12 combo mask straps

6 whistles

4 blue hose covers

3 pink hose covers

1 air hose holder

1 scuba wrench set

3 scuba goops

Scuba Max:

8 lanyards

1 4x6 slate

2 contoured wrist slates

2 dive knives KN160

2 retractors

1 pr fins size 2 ½ - 3 ½ 

Neo Sport 


1  size 12 7mm 

1 size 14  5mm

1 size 14  3.2mm

1 med  5mm

1 med/lg  5mm

1 Sm skin

1 L skin

1 size 10 shortie  2mm

Boots Low tops

Size 5  3mm

Size 7  5mm

Size 8  3mm

Size 9  3mm

Size 10  3mm

Size 11  3mm  

Size 12  3mm 2 pair

Boots High top

Size 5  5mm

Size 6  two pair  5mm

Size 7  5mm

Size 8  5mm

Size 9  5mm  2pair


1.5mm  2 pair L

              1 pair Sm

              1 pair XXL

Ocean Pro

2 Tyke mask snorkel sets ages 3-7

“                                      “ ages 7-12

3 “                                   “ ages 13+

1 “                                   “ adult


Size 1-4   ages 3-7

Size 4-8   ages 13+

2 Lg   pink escape

1 Sm “                “

2 Lg, 1 Med, and 1 Sm snorkel vests


1 Sm/med accel


License plates: 

3 pirate crossbones/scull

2 dive flags

1 diver flag

3 salty bones

1 reflective

23 Nitrox tank stickers

3 fin clips

3 storm whistles

2 Storm stretch coil quick release lanyards

1 tank banger

5 PADI whistles

8 silicone mask straps

1 pr. Neosport socks

4 care and maintenance repair manuals


5 Accent

1 Oceanic w/purge

1 Mako 2

4 Scuba Max Navigator  3 w/purge 

1 XS Scuba w/gauge readers

10 Oceanic shadow

1 Ion 3

1 Ion 3x


1 XS Scuba

5 oceanic ARID dry

1 Oceanic regular

1 Oceanic response

Weights Soft

18  1lb  

2  2lb  

11  3lb 

2  4lb

2  5Lb 

Weights Vinyl coated Hard

6  3lb

6  4lb

1 weight belt

1 expandable weight belt buckle


1 trident hat

1 pr. LG Henderson warm weather gloves

4 scuba tank protectors

1 diver belt buckle

3 tank boots 

3 octo holders

2 pr. neosport xs scuba socks

2 mesh bags

1 XS travel hanger

Numerous other items not listed but included in content

Thanks Jim 

Reason for Selling:
Sold the commercial properties

Expansion Opportunities:

Offered Support for the new owner: