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Asking Price: 100,000 USD

Cash Flow: 400,000 USD

Sales Revenue: 80,000 USD


Looking for partner to expand business!

     What I have Right now! I have a water sports business that is in partners with two major resorts in Mexico and I have a dive retail store on the main road in a major water port in Mexico! We have 5 boats, 4 sea-doos, paddle boards and 20 dive kits 2 trucks and two company owned houses! 3 compressors! What we offer is eco trips dive excursions And anything doing with the water! Sea-doo tours, fishing trips, paddle board and Ocean kayak adventures!

    We have a few different thing we are working on

   1)What are we looking to do! One of the major resorts has several locations throughout Mexico which they have offered us the water sport concession! What I am looking for is someone for each location with the Financial means and  my help go and open a new branch ever six months!

    2) looking to open a Training center! We have not locked down the location but we are talking with A major dive certifier about where and what we are looking to do! expand into other locations with a proper business plan and with there Approval!

     3) we are also partnered up with one of the Major university in Mexico! We are starting to develop A plan to do coral reef restoration In Mexico and would like to set up a training program and specialty For students around the world!

    So I have to many projects and I am short of hours in the day to do them! So if any of them catch your aLooking for partner to expand business!

Reason for Selling:
Looking to expand

Expansion Opportunities:
Come along with me. Have 26 locations lined up

Offered Support for the new owner:
All the help they need as long as we are partners

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