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Hey guys, 

This is a late reply to all of you who have been interesting investing in my project that I posted for 2years ago. So thats why I have all of you in the list.

For a while ago I posted about investing in a budget Liveaboard. 
I went my own way and did it alone. I renovated my boat turned it into a dive boat and I opened up a company named Mikumbadiving.
I move the boat and start running trips in Raja Ampat and later we moved to Komodo and then back to raja Ampat. 
Today I have opened up a dive center in Labuan Bajo and build a budget Liveaboard that we are using as a day trip boat at the moment. 
I sold my other Liveaboard the one I turned into a dive boat. I sold her and I took that money and started to build my own boat from scratch. She will not be super luxury. but she will be a nice midrange Liveaboard. If you google calico jack and you will see same kind of standard. The boat will be 30m long and 8m wide. 4 cabins. 3 twin cabin and one dorm.. I still wanna keep the same target as I have done before so offering the dorm cheaper so the old guest can come back. there will also be two private cabins my own cabin and my partner who own 25%. 
I am now looking for a investor again and there is few options. 

I am willing to sell 10-15% of the boat for around 35-40k. If you wanna be silent but still wanna be able go diving when ever you want is ok.If you wanna be a active partner then we need discuss more. If you become partner of the boat you will not have anything to do with Mikumba diving. If you wanna work then you would be hired by Mikumba diving. Mikumba Diving will be renting the boat from us. 

If you just wanna invest with a loan 25-35k with a interest of 6% over a 2 year period that would work out fine as well. 
If you wanna be onboard and go diving that would not be a problem. If you wanna work for the company and being dive guide or instructor we need to talk about details. 

The boat is not ready yet we have made 1/3 of the boat at the moment. I have attached some picture of her now. 

So the benefits here is that I already have established a company that has good reputation already. We are based in Labuan Bajo on the main road wich is good for marketing and we get many guest who is doing day trip and the guest spreading the word about Mikumba diving. the dive shop is brand new prob one of the nicest one in Labuan Bajo. I already have agents and bookings is coming in. I own a PMA company wich mean I can own up to 99% of the company and my wife who is local own 1%. 
We can not own a boat as a foreigner but there is another option. On the GROSS ACTA (the paper that says who own the boat) it was in my wife name before but now when I have PMA company I can put my company as a owner of the boat and if I own the company then I will own the boat as well. And their is no problem for foreigner to invest. Contract will be made together with a Notaris and the contract is very strong and no one will or get screwed. So everything is basically already set up when the boat is ready when we will have bookings straight away. I have another Liveaboard as well that is operating now while I'm building my new boat. 
So this is a very good opportunity to invest. the company is up and already be running for 2.5 years and making money and having good reviews on trips advisor. 

This is what I have been doing the last two years. We do 2 expedition every year its a 3 week long journey. We start either from Komodo and end up in Raja Ampat or Raja Ampat to Komodo. A long the way we dive in amazing places such Alor, Banda sea, Gili Manuk, Forgotten island, Banda Neira, Ambon, Misool Raja Ampat. 

If you are interested please let me know. 
There is opportunity to invest in a Resort or build a new boat and you will get all support to set up everything and you can use Mikumba diving to operate with the boat. 


Best Regards

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