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“I had the money and I was hoping to buy a dive center quick, but it took me over ONE YEAR to find something suitable.
I realized that there is no real platform on the Internet for owners to present their diving businesses.
The Seller told me later that he had advertised everywhere for nearly ONE YEAR before I found him...”


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Looking for a small dvecenter in Asia or Indonesia or Africa (29 May 2024 05:17)
Investor actively looking for a small dive center / dive boat / or partner to invest in.
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Looking into investment into dive center in Coron, Philippines. (09 February 2024 11:55)
EU entity is looking into investment into dive center in Coron. Different options considered, as partners or i...
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Investor looking to buy minority or passive partnership in liveaboard  (17 January 2024 06:06)
Investor who is a diver, with 3 investments already done is looking to become a minority partner in a mid pric...
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Looking for a small dvecenter in Spain, Indonesia or Africa (16 January 2024 15:37)
We are looking for a small divecenter with the possibility of expanding with bar and B&B...
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Looking for Scuba Shop in St. Lucia (03 October 2023 16:54)
Looking to relocate my shop to St. Lucia and looking for established dive shop....
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This website is for all of you who wish to buy or sell a
business in the scuba diving industry in less than six months.

Dive Center For Sale


You are looking for a real investment, not the stock market?

Your dream is living the life style of a dive shop owner?

You would like to live in a warmer climate, possible in the tropics?

You are a dive professional and would like to own your own dive center?

The future is here


You made your money in the diving business and would like to move on;

Sell your dive center and/or dive boat?

You own a dive center, would like to expand and are looking for an investor?

Dive Center For Sale
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1000s of businesses change owners every day.
So why is it, that dive shop owners having a hard time finding buyers
And why is it so difficult to find a nice dive center for sale or dive boat to buy?

Here are the reasons:

  • -     There is no real platform on the internet for buyers and sellers of dive centers and boats (at least none which is accessible for everybody).
  • -     Most Business Brokers have very little knowledge about the diving industry. They do however charge high commissions of up to 20%. The fees for a dive center of 100,000 USD can be as high as 20,000 USD. This drives sellers away from brokers.
  • -     Advertisement in dive magazines. Only a small percentage of people who are interested in investing in a dive center, read dive magazines.
  • -     In fact, many potential buyers have never dived before and are just looking for a change in their life or just a plain, straight-forward investment!

There are plenty more reasons and problems which make it difficult to get the word out that a dive center is up for sale.
If you are dive shop owner, you are in for a big surprise when you find out how many out there are willing to buy your
dive center and pay YOU what you are asking for.

Why invest in a dive center???

  • -     The advantages of having your own dive center in the tropics are obvious: beautiful weather, meet new people, experience a new culture….all by making money :- )
  • -     If you are more interested in a dive center nearby where you live; a diving business involves exciting travel planning, meeting new people, organization learning and teaching, and travelling to the world's most beautiful places.
  • investment
  • -     Buy a dive center as an investment, even if you do not want to be involved in the operation itself. Some sellers will be willing to stay and work for you. Many owners have a management team in place already, which runs the business for them.
    Enjoy an exciting, profitable business, while visiting your dive center during your holidays and enjoy FREE diving :- )
  • -     The travel and tourism industry is fast growing. Dive organizations, such as PADI, NAUI, SSI and others spend millions every year in advertisement to attract new divers. After a long worldwide recession, people do invest in active holidays again. Scuba Diving is still the most popular and affordable sport among holiday makers.

Why sell your dive center?

  • -     If you bought or built up your dive center long time ago when you were a diver or a dive instructor, you probably now have made good experiences and stacked away some cash.
  • -     As fun as owning and running a dive center is, there is a whole world out there which you might want to explore. As hard as it might be to let go from your dive center, changes are good.
  • -     Who knows – the new owner might give your center a complete new facelift, introduce new business strategies and boost sales.

11 reasons why to list with DiveCenterForSale.com

  1. FREE of charge listings. In the unlikely situation that there is no one out there who is interested in buying your dive business….you don't pay a cent (or dime). Your listing is FREE.
  2. We are on the top on Google, Yahoo and Bing! Buyers will find what they are looking for.
  3. No commissions. DiveCenterForSale.com never, ever charge any sales commission.
  4. Keep your identity anonymous. We do understand how important it is to stay anonymous when listing your diving business. Your operation will not be affected by having it listed for sale on DiveCenterForSale.com
  5. NO SPAM. We hate Spam as much as you do. We will never give your contact details and email address to third parties – ever.
  6. Genuine buyers. We do spot checks on buyers' enquiries and encourage buyers to register with DiveCenterForSale.com
  7. Your listing will be visible on Facebook, Twitter and we provide RSS feeds.
  8. 24/7 access to your account. You can update your listing, make changes, add files, photos and videos.
  9. Email alerts. Any time a buyer contacts you, an email goes to your Inbox.
  10. View ads from interested buyers and contact them directly.
  11. FREE of charge listings. OK, we mentioned that one already. List your business with DiveCenterForSale.com for FREE. There is nothing to lose, only to gain...
Dive Center For Sale
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